Does your back hurt? If not, consider yourself lucky, because statistically speaking, 80 percent of Americans experience low back pain at some point in their lives.

One of the most effective ways to address low back pain is through spinal manipulation: a directed force to a joint to relieve pressure, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function. Spinal manipulation, commonly referred to in chiropractic terms as spinal adjustment, is often used to treat back, neck, shoulder and headache pain.

A recent study published in The SPINE Journal (2018) concludes spinal manipulation – 94 percent of which are performed by doctors of chiropractic (DCs) in the U.S. – is most likely to reduce chronic low back pain and improve function when compared to other approaches. A majority (79 percent) reported that spinal manipulation significantly reduced pain and disability, compared to other approaches such as physical therapy.

Doctors of chiropractic receive a minimum of seven years higher level education and are specifically trained to diagnose, evaluate and provide non-pharmacologic care and rehabilitation to individuals suffering from acute, subacute and chronic back, low back and neck pain, headaches, neuro-musculoskeletal and other related conditions.



Rather than waiting until the pain becomes unbearable, these tips can help you prevent – or reduce the chances of – lower back pain.

1. Ensure your workstation is set up correctly.

2. Work on your posture - it takes constant awareness to correct poor habits.

3. Consider using orthotics to balance and support the feet – the foundation of the body – to help relieve pressure on your spine.

4. Seek the care of a doctor of chiropractic to assist you with optimizing your body’s health.