Our mission

Pioneer Chiropractic is dedicated to being your family doctor and providing holistic, effective, and proactive health care for you and your entire family. As a chiropractic clinic, our focus is people. We serve our community by helping individuals achieve the health and quality of life they desire and deserve. Our mission is to not just cover up symptoms, but to find the root cause of the problem. 


How we began

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Odom met each other at Texas Chiropractic College. After realizing their shared passion for medicine, Texas A&M, and love of the great outdoors, they quickly became good friends and Pioneer Chiropractic was born. Together, there is no stronger team in the chiropractic field to take care of your musculoskeletal needs. 


OUR journey

Pioneer Chiropractic opened in 2018, serving the Garden Oaks, Oak Forest, and Greater Heights area of Houston. All of our doctors graduated top of their class in a desire to provide the best chiropractic care to their future patients. However, graduating from Texas Chiropractic College does not mean they are done learning. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Odom are constantly advancing their clinical knowledge and skills with the most up-to-date chiropractic research and techniques. We are here to pioneer how health care is approached and we invite you on this journey to be a pioneer with us.